Success Stories

City of New Haven

DNB has represented the City of New Haven for over a decade both under the DeStefano and Harp administrations. New Haven has always had one of the most ambitious and wide sweeping legislative agendas covering multiple committees and numerous State departments. DNB has assisted in all aspects of the city’s legislative agenda including submitting bill proposals, acquiring sponsors, assisting Department Heads with the public hearing process. Recently, we assisted the City in attaining a $21.5M dollar commitment from Governor Malloy in order to redevelop the former New Haven Coliseum site. One of the most ambitious development projects that State has seen. In the past, we have successfully lobbied the Judiciary Committee to pass legislation that ameliorates quality of life issues such as nuisance establishments, illegal guns and traffic issues.

Avelo Airlines

DNB Lobby has extensive experience in Appropriations and Tax Advocacy. On behalf of our client, Avelo Airlines, in 2023 DNB lead a coalition of air carriers to lobby for a more stable and predictable aviation fuel tax. At the time, Connecticut applied an ad valorem tax that could push the aviation tax liability to as high as .35 cents per gallon. DNB extensively lobbied the Finance Committee and the Governor’s administration, which included multiple state agencies and the Governor. Our intimate knowledge of the legislative process and extensive network of legislators allowed us to set the right strategy from day one. Because of the collaborative approach we take at the firm we can provide a diverse, bipartisan coalition of legislators that supported the tax change. We succeed passage and the measure was adopted within the State budget. On July 1, 2023, the aviation fuel rate was eliminated for two years and will go to a flat per gallon fee in 2025.

Sea Support

Sea Support is a local company that offers booming services to ships entering the New Haven Harbor. A bill was proposed that would cause significant environmental harm and eliminate Sea Supports business model. DNB organized meetings with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the Committee leadership to discuss the proposal. Both parties advocated for a public hearing to ensure all interest parties have an opportunity to speak on the matter. DNB conducted an extensive outreach to environmental organizations across the state to ensure they knew about the bill and its adverse consequences. Ultimately 35 organizations submitted testimony opposing the measure and the committee declined to vote the proposal out of committee.

Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority

DNB has been working for the Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority since 2006. Since then they have worked with the board to identify their legislative needs, and work with the New Haven Delegation to make sure those needs are addressed.

Each year DNB have fought for an increase in the Clean Water Fund. In our fight for more funding, DNB has helped develop a strong coalition of environmental groups and water pollution control authorities throughout the state. By forming these coalitions, DNB was able to successfully lobby for additional funding to the Clean Water Fund as well as fighting for new programs to advance storm water systems across the state.

Retail Energy Supply Association

DNB has represented the Retail Energy Supply Association for six years. During that time DePino Associates has facilitated meetings with members of the Energy & Technology Committee, members of the Administration and PURA administration. DNB has helped educate members of the legislature the practicality of enacting various proposals. DNB monitors Public Utilities Regulatory Authorities filing’s to ensure the legislature is aware of new regulatory measures that may affect legislative proposals.

DNB has worked to understand the Retail Electric Market and has helped develop testimony as well as fliers to help educate legislators. DNB has successful advocated for the Retail Energy Supply Association, and has been successful on multiple occasions altering a bill to ensure it is workable in the marketplace.

Greater New England Public School Alliance

GNEPSA is the local affiliate of national education reform leader StudentsFirst. GNEPSA supported Governor Malloy’s controversial education reform plan and its main objective was to garner constituent and legislative support for the Governor’s proposal. DNB helped GNEPSA create and implement a half-million dollar legislative and grassroots campaign.

DNB was hired two weeks into the legislative session with very little time to prepare or mobilize, yet through our knowledge and network we were able to devise and implement a strategy that made a difference. Understanding the landscape and knowing who and what will best influence the legislative process is one of our strengths. From the very beginning of the campaign on, we targeted and worked with urban legislators, amongst others, to educate and garner their support for comprehensive education reform. This included the Senate Majority Leader, the Chairs of the Appropriations Committee and members of the Black and Puerto Rican caucus. Through the session we were able to give in-depth advice and intelligence on the legislative process and the ongoing behind the scenes conversations between legislators. DNB also facilitated meetings with legislative leadership and the Governor’s Office as well as advised on a grass roots campaign that included messaging for television and radio ads, targeted mail program and phone calls. Our strategy proved successful. When the Black and Puerto Rican caucus came out in support of many of the principles of the Governor proposed it gave the administration the sufficient leverage to get the reforms they sought to implement, passed.