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DePino, Nuñez, and Biggs, LLC, formerly DePino Associates, is a well rounded New Haven based Government Relations Firm, with experienced staff having a diverse background in government. We are a well-respected team with extensive reach with local and state officials, business leaders, and community leaders across the state of Connecticut.

DNB LLC, uses multiple communication platforms to advocate on behalf of a client’s interests. DNB will help develop an administrative lobbying, legislative advocacy and grassroots plan to ensure the client’s message is conveyed effectively and they have support from members of the community.

The DNB Blog


Executive & Legislative Nominations

When the newly elected Governor takes office, one of their first orders of business will be to appoint commissioners of the State’s Agencies and Departments. The executive nominations process also applies to heads of quasi-public agencies such as the Public Utilities...

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State Bonding Process

Much like the state budget, Connecticut’s bonding process begins with a proposal for capital expenditures from the governor. At the beginning of each odd-numbered year, during which a biennial budget is to be adopted, the governor presents a proposed capital budget to...

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